Provide Constant Temperatures For Your Pet With Dog House Air Conditioner & Heater!

dog house air conditionerDog house is a comfortable place for the dog to sleep.

Your dog will enjoy a lot in spending most of the time in its house if it likes in all aspects.

There are various types of dog houses available in the market, out of all you have to select the right one suitable for your dog according to its breed, height and weight.

Don’t consider the price a lot while buying the dog house; instead give preference for the comforts and advantages. The Air Conditioner & Heater dog house is the new model in the market in which temperatures can be changed according to the climate and your dog requirements.

This portable 2500 BTU Climate Control Unit present in this dog house can be adjusted between heating and air conditioning mode so that you can provide a constant range of temperatures in summer and winter. It also provides an additional functionality as a dehumidifier.

The pollen filters present in the unit’s kit provide active control of airborne particles such as pollen, dust and pet dander or hair when used with dog houses. These pollen filters are easy to wash and change.

The various features of this dog house include adjustable thermostat, air filtration System, closed loop cooling, 115v power supply, cooling current: 3.4a, cooling capacity: 2500BTU compressor, cooling efficiency: 380w, heating current: 5.5a, heating capacity: 2100BTU, etc.

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