The Benefits of Glucosamine for Dogs

In case you observe that you companion is slowing down, you might want to offer him some glucosamine for dogs. The reason for him slowing down could be osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia.

How do you know that he needs dogs’ glucosamine?

There are some signs that help you realize his needs, including difficulty when walking, climbing the stairs or playing, falling when walking, a feeling of lethargy, limping, difficulty when getting up or laying down and pain when being petted.

Glucosamine for DogsKeep in mind that the animals have a high pain threshold, and in case they are showing signs of the pain it means that they are suffering from severe pain, so you should take action immediately.

Another thing to know is that the animals do not feel placebo effects. This means that if you see you animal jumping again, for sure he is better.

It is interesting to note that the majority of animals have a good reaction for dog’s glucosamine, especially the larger breeds.

Proven effects

The main point of glucosamine for dogs is that it affects the health of the joints, rehabilitating and soothing them. It can be considered a preventive measure to make sure that the pet is in great condition. The effects should appear after a week or two.

Dogs’ glucosamine can naturally be found in the joints, but the extra glucosamine that you offer your companion has an anti-inflammatory effect and it has a regenerating property.

What product to use?

When thinking about glucosamine for dogs, there are six different factors that you have to take into consideration. One of them is the type of glucosamine but you also have to be careful about the ingredients, which should be of high quality. The method of delivery might also count, given that you can choose from pills and liquid.

The amount of glucosamine that has been suggested by the vet regarding the dog’s glucosamine. You should also know that there are some added ingredients as well, besides glucosamine and the daily costs could also be of interest for you.

The amount of glucosamine for dogs that the dog needs depends on his condition. When considering the price you shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by the companies that set the price per product, and not per day. A really good idea is to be looking for 750 mg of glucosamine.

Also think about the advantages of liquid dogs’ glucosamine. A lot of dogs don’t like to swallow pills. Also in case you mix the pill with the food, it could get chewed and lost in the teeth. On the other hand the liquid method can’t go wrong, because you can pour the glucosamine over the food. This way that dog will accept it and usually it has a pleasant taste for dogs so they will think of it as a treat.

As you can see glucosamine for dogs has a lot of benefits, and in case you talk to the vet about it, there is no way to go wrong with it.


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