Things to Consider While Choosing a Dog Bed

The moment you start looking for dog beds, the most important things that you need are pen, paper and your browser. This way you can make some research regarding the items that you need and the amount of money that you will have to spend on them. Set your expectations and the budget that you have.

Dog Beds1. The size of the dog

This is one of the most important aspects you have to consider when you are looking for bed for your pet. There are some standard sizes that include extra small, small, large, medium and extra large. Although all of the manufacturers use them, the actual measurements might differ. In order to know which one to buy, it is important to measure your dog.

2. Health

The health status of your dog also influences the choice that you make. For instance you won’t get a bolster bed for your pet in case it has hip dysplasia, and most certainly you don’t buy a sofa bed in case your dog has arthritis. If there are other health problems it might be useful to be looking for cooled or heated beds. Nonetheless in case your pet is healthy, you could be looking for just any kind of bed.

3. Doggy nook

One of the best things about the dog beds is that they define the personal space of the dog. In case the dog bed that you have been thinking about needs a lot of space, maybe you will need to relocate the dog. When you are choosing the place of the dog you should make sure that it’s not in a high-traffic place, but it has to be close enough to people so that the dog won’t feel isolated.

4. Care and color

You don’t have to worry that the dog bed will ruin the look of the room. The manufacturers have been working for quite some time now to come up with designs that are pleasant for the eyes. You have the possibility to mix the fabrics, colors and designs and you can also choose the fill and fiber that is used.

5. Removable covers

Before you place an order you should know whether the bed in question has removable covers. This is very important, because often the dogs get dirty and they get the dirt on the cover as well, so it is important for it to be washable.

6. Looks and other options

When you are thinking about the shape of the dog beds you have the possibility to choose from circular, oval, igloo, rectangular, or the traditional items. The materials also vary a lot, including chenille, cotton, corduroy, cotton and faux suede, faux leather, fleece, faux suede, heavy duty basket weave, poly-cotton, heavy duty fabric, tweed and faux suede and polyester.

There are so many colors that you can find that it is almost impossible to mention them all, and while some of the beds can be washed in a washing machine, in other cases there is no such possibility.


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