Weight Loss Advice For The Overweight Dog

If your dog is overweight you must realize the health risks that are associated with canine obesity.

In order for your dog to live a long and healthy life, they need to shed the excess pounds just like human beings.

Medical conditions that may accompany long term obesity are liver disease, pancreatic disorders, circulatory and cardiovascular problems as well as a higher incidence of arthritis.

You can help your dog lose those extra pounds with a little knowledge and dedication from the whole family.

First See Your Veterinarian

Your first step is to see the vet to ensure that your dog’s condition is not caused by an underlying medical condition. You should ask the vet’s advice as to an exercise program and healthy diet that will enable your dog to lose weight safely.

Your vet can tell you what a realistic weight loss goal can be along with a timeline as to how long it will take to get your dog’s weight problem under control.

Everybody Has to Participate

Your dog’s weight loss program will not succeed if the whole family is not on board. You cannot change your dog’s diet and eliminate certain foods [Dog Food] if other members of the family are secretly slipping your dog forbidden foods.

Have a family meeting and explain the seriousness of the situation so that everyone does their part to help your dog succeed at his or her weight loss program.

Changing Your Dog’s Diet

In order to give your dog the proper amount of calories daily you will have to do some calculations. You want to figure out what your dog’s ideal weight is and then calculate their maintenance requirements as to how much energy they expend each day.

You need to feed your dog a ratio of 25% to 50% of that number. Your vet can help you to obtain these figures so that you are feeding your dog the correct amount of food.

You can either switch to a dog food that is specifically made for weight loss or you can cut the amount of the current food you are feeding your dog in half. You will also have to cut down on the amount of treats you feed your dog and completely stay away from scraps from your table.


Exercising your dog will also help them to lose weight. You can use a toy for them to fetch or you can take them for longer walks that also include a bit of jogging at least three times per day.

If you love your dog, you will find an activity that allows them to be more active to help them to shed those excess pounds so that they can live a longer and fuller life.


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