Tips To Cope With Canine Pregnancy

Canine pregnancyYour dog is pregnant and soon there are going to be little balls of fur everywhere.

The problem is you don’t know exactly what is going on with your dog and it’s really making you worry because you’ve never taken care of a pregnant dog.

Have no fear; here are a few tips on what’s going on.

Determining whether your dog is pregnant is the first stage in dealing with canine pregnancy. So how do you know? Well a sudden decrease in activity like in most pregnant women is one of the first signs that your dog could be pregnant, although it could also mean that your dog is just tired.

It gets very hard to tell because during the first month of pregnancy the changes in your dog are happening internally. And unless you go to the vet to check you may not be 100% sure.

Another sign that your dog could be pregnant is if your dog is getting morning sickness. One has to remember though that not all dogs have the same symptoms. Your dog could just be feeling a little peckish; they are almost like people really!

In canine pregnancy the basic gestation period of a dog is 58-63 days so if you are not quite sure then why not just wait, but if you are the impatient type then maybe you could try this.

On the thirtieth day of your dogs’ alleged pregnancy, why not go with your dog to the vet and get a canine pregnancy test. It works in almost the same way as human pregnancy tests as it is looking for certain hormones that are only released when it is pregnant.

If a test is not available to you then your vet could do some abdominal palpitations and feel if there are any little ones growing in there.

During the canine pregnancy it is very important to take your dog for regular check-ups, to see if everything is going well. During the last trimester of your dog’s pregnancy, it might develop a temperature. This is a sign that the day is coming for you to make arrangement for the new arrivals.

When giving birth usually a dog will go to a secluded area where no-one can find it and give birth there. It also needs some peace and quiet once in a while, and this is one of the most important times in your dogs’ life.

It is very rare for a dog to give birth to one puppy so you can expect to have 4-8 additions to your family. Some go as having a litter of 12 puppies, and they are so small they look like mice!

Your dog’s pregnancy is a time to care for it in a way you have never done before. Just remember to keep it clean and happy, just as always. This is really important during canine pregnancy.


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