Treating the Ear Infections in Dogs the Right Way

In case of ear infections in dogs the poor animal will experience pain and also discomfort and this is why it is important for the owners to recognize the condition and to know what action to take. The good news is that usually the ear infections are treatable and in some cases they can also be prevented.

There are two main kinds of dogs’ ear infections: bacterial infections and yeast infections. The truth is that there is a balance in the ear of the dog both of bacteria and yeast. Certain factors create an imbalance, resulting in overgrowth and leading to infection. Although the conditions are similar, there are some signs that help you differentiate them.

Ear Infections in DogsIn case the dogs’ ear infection has been caused by bacterial infection, there is excess or unusual discharge from the ears, pain, swelling and also redness.

Nonetheless the most distinctive symptom is the foul odor that you will recognize when cleaning the ears of the dog.

On the other hand, if the ear infections in dogs is caused by yeast infection, besides the symptoms that have been mentioned before, you can also observe scaling, itching and dryness.

The downside of this kind of infection is that it could also spread to other parts of the face too.

Depending on the kind of infection that the dog is suffering from, the vet could prescribe different kinds of medication. The most common medications for dogs’ ear infections include Otomax ear drops, Cephalexin antibiotic and Mometamax ear drops.

If you don’t like the chemicals around your dog, you could also be using home remedies in case of the ear infections in dogs.  One of the most common remedies is using white vinegar. You should mix one part water with one part white vinegar and apply the mixture to the ear of the dog. This will change the pH of the ear making is unsuitable for what is causing the infection.

There are many different causes that could lead to dog’s ear infections. In some cases it could appear because the dog has been immersed in water. If the water isn’t removed from the ear, it could change the balance of yeast or bacteria. In case the dog swims or you bathe him, once he gets out, you should dry his ears. For drying and for cleaning the ears you should be using soft cotton balls.

These ear infections in dogs can also be caused by hormonal imbalances or genetic or hereditary conditions. As an example in case the dog has hypothyroidism, he is prone to having ear infections that can be treated with Soloxine. Also certain breeds are more prone to have dogs’ ear infections because of the way they are built. The sloppy ears can help dirt and other things to get trapped in the ears of the dog.

Keep in mind that the ear infections in dogs could turn out to be dangerous in case of the animals, so you should check the ears quite often.


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