Dog Upset Stomach Symptoms

If you know your dog really well, you will be able to recognize the dog upset stomach symptoms. Just like humans, dogs can have an upset stomach as well.

It is important to know whether the problem is serious or not so you should keep an eye out for the signs.

Dog Upset Stomach Symptoms

Symptoms of Dogs’ Upset Stomach

There are a lot of different causes of the problem such as eating too fast or having an obstruction in their intestines. The most common symptoms include dry-heaving, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, sensitive stomach area, the dog biting his sides, and refusing to eat.

Further Dog Upset Stomach Signs

Although it is common for dogs to refuse food, they will be willing to eat grass. Usually dogs experience bloating, fever, thirst and lethargy. These symptoms can be mixed with other problems as well and it is important to determine whether the problem will go away on its own or there is need for the help of your vet.

Causes of the Dog Upset Stomach Symptoms

In the majority of the cases if the dog has a problem with his stomach, it means that the problem has something to do with the nutrition of the pet. It is possible that you are dealing with a food allergy or that the dog is eating too much or too fast. Sometimes dogs eat things they shouldn’t such as food wrappers, string, coins or balls.

Stress and the Dogs’ Signs of Upset Stomach

When it comes to the signs of dogs’ upset stomach it is important to remember that stress is a major factor in this case. If there is a stressor, the dog can get really nervous and it is possible that he will throw up as well. In the same time, it is possible for the dog to be carsick.

Other Causes of the Dog Upset Stomach Symptoms

Some other causes of the problem may turn out to be changes in the diet of the dog, stale food, parasites in the intestines, such as worms, or some kind of injury to the abdominal area. In case the dog throws up and there is blood too, you can be sure that you are dealing with a serious problem.

Serious Dog Upset Stomach Symptoms

If you see blood, you should head it to your vet immediately. In case the dog swallows something that he shouldn’t have, such as a ball, again, he will need medical assistance.


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