Dog Sickness Symptoms

For sure you have heard people say before ‘sick as a dog’. Well, there is some truth to it because dogs can become very sick. The truth is that it is difficult to miss the dog sickness symptoms because dogs don’t tend to hide if they have a problem, unlike cats.

Common symptoms of dog sickness

The most common symptoms include lethargy, stretching and bowing, agitation, confusion, lack of appetite, head pressing, vomiting, increased urination and thirst, coughing, diarrhea, pale gums, , and changes of the body temperature.

Behavioral changes

One of the dog sickness signs is noticing changes in the behavior of the dog. Lethargy is one of the most common signs. Usually dogs curl up and stay quiet. Becoming restless and irritable is also possible; the dog could tremble and hide. If the dog experiences pain, he may stretch and bow.

Other problems

When it comes to the dog sickness symptoms, it is possible that the dog will refuse to lie down. This means that he has breathing problems. In case of neurological problems the dog will show signs of confusion, seizures and head pressing.

Drinking, eating and elimination

The pet owners interested in the signs of dog sickness should know that dogs often lose their appetite and this can be a sign of endocrine problems. Increased urination might indicate diabetes or kidney disease. The dog can have a urinary tract infection if he passes only small amounts of urine and if he seems to be in pain.


The dog sickness symptoms may also include vomiting. This is usually a sign of blockage and poisoning. If the dog vomits a matter that looks like feces, you should call the vet immediately because the dog could have intestinal blockage. Regurgitating food suggests esophageal problems.


It is possible for the dog to have diarrhea regarding the warning signs of dog sickness. This can be a result in changes of food or water, nervousness, intestinal parasites, poisoning, infections, and other kinds of health problems. If the diarrhea has blood as well, call your vet at once because it is a sign of a serious condition.

As you can see the dog sickness symptoms are similar to the symptoms that people experience when they are sick. This is why you should care for your pet like you would care for a family member or yourself. Don’t forget that your dog is your best friend.


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