Dog Food Allergies – Allergies Dogs Suffer

Like humans, dogs have food allergies and they manifest themselves in the poor animal scratching like there’s no tomorrow, hair loss, skin problems, increased bowel movements etc.

The excessive itchiness may be in areas such as the ears, the paws, the underarms, anus, face etc.

Food allergies among dogs are caused by commonly used things such as chicken, lamb, beef, eggs, dairy products, soy, wheat and corn.

Whether your dog gets Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Hills Science plan, Iams dog food, Burns Dog food or any other type of dog food you should always check the labels to ensure that it doesn’t contain any ingredients your dog might have an allergy to.

It is possible to detect food allergies in dogs but it is also problematic in that the symptoms mimic those of several other infections or conditions.

The following can be useful in treating or controlling allergic reactions among dogs:

  • Try different sources of food that the dog has not yet become used to: unusual sources would include rabbit, venison, even fish etc.
  • Certain pet foods specialize in offering options for allergic dogs and do not cause the kind of allergic reaction that  regular pet food does.
  • It is important that the dog is not allowed to roam by himself. This may result in him finding interesting items in the garbage and then it is back to square one.
  • Treat a dog food allergy in much the same way as a human one; eliminate foods one by one to detect the culprit that is causing it.


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