Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies

How would you feel if your favorite dog can’t stop scratching its ear, becomes irritable and in pain? Certain symptoms such as these may indicate that your dog has an ear infection. Dog ear infection can affect your pet’s daily activities thus when untreated, it can cause more severe infection.

Natural instinct is for you to treat the infected part. If your pet dog is suffering from dog ear infection and you can’t immediately bring it to your vet, it is important that you know some home remedies to ease the pain until such time you can visit your vet.

Effective home remedies for dog ear infection

Vinegar and water solution

A combination of water and vinegar can be used to clean the affected area. Use a cotton swab to clean their ear canal by gently massaging it and removing any dirt that is present there.

Dog ear infection can be very irritating to your pet and could lead to more infections if not treated immediately.

Vinegar, water and rubbing alcohol solution

This kind of solution is best when your pet dog loves to swim. For it to avoid dog ear infection, regularly clean the outside part of the ear with this solution.

Mix them together and squirt a little amount on the outer ear canal. The alcohol will help dissolve the dog’s ear wax and the vinegar will help prevent bacteria and yeast to grow.

Ear cleaner

A soothing ear cleaner is also effective, this commonly contains antibiotic that you can apply and massage to the ear canal once or twice a day until the dog ear infection gets better or totally healed.

Tropical ointments

Tropical ointments like those found in pharmacies are also handy in treating dog ear infection. You can directly apply tropical ointments after doing procedure of cleaning ear discharge and ear wax.

Oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics can also be given with the prescription from your pet doctor. After visiting, you can acquire this antibiotic for your dog and regularly supervise giving it to your dog until such time the ear infection is totally healed.

Omega fatty acids

Treat your dog to diets that contain omega fatty acids. This will help boost their immune system and avoid the pain of having dog ear infection.

If you notice changes on your pet’s mannerism such as frequent scratching of the head, scratching the ear and colored discharge from the ear, they are likely to have developed ear infection. Immediately find a way to treat this as dog ear infection can be very painful.

To prevent getting your dog an ear infection, practice regular cleaning of their ears especially if they are in the water for most of the time. Dogs who love to swim are more prone to infections.

Make sure you squirt a disinfecting solution on the outer part of their ear canal after every bath or twice a week. Make sure they also have a healthy eating habit. Their food can be one of the irritants that cause ear infection.


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