Bones Can Become A Real Danger For Your Dog

For those of you, who have a dog at home, this is an interesting topic. Many experts actually don’t approve the idea of throwing real bones to your puppy, because this can be dangerous.

In case you are surprised, you can also consult with a vet and you will be probably convinced that throwing a real bone causes a lot of problems for your puppy.

According to several organizations real bones can break the teeth of your puppy and it can also cause a mouth injury. The most dangerous in throwing a bone is the potential risk of eventual stomach surgery for your puppy.

The statistic shows that the fragments of the bones can easily go and stuck into the dog’s stomach and this can only be removed with a difficult surgery. The bad news is that lots of puppies have died exactly because of such a problem caused by bones.

In order to prevent this, vets and experts are advising to buy your puppy bones made of puppy food or others that will not increase the risk of eventual peritonitis.


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