Avoiding Common Health Problems In Dogs

dog health1Dogs have more in common with humans than the love of walking and a shared bond.

Many medical conditions that we as humans are inflicted by are also very prevalent in the world of dogs.

It is not unusual to find a dog with depression, another with cancer symptoms and even heart disease.

While there are many diseases that are only found amongst canines several are a major concern to both species.

As in humans, heart disease is often generic and dogs can be born with these problems or develop them in later life. Dogs need to take precautions just like their two legged companions with plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet. [Dog Health Care]

A lot of diseases that are a risk to dogs can be avoided by regular vaccinations. Distemper, CPV (canine parvoviris) and leptospirosis are all harmless with the correct level of protection.

Kennel cough, or bordetella can be very dangerous particularly for younger dogs and those with a weak constitution. You will find that most boarding accommodation will insist on a certificate ensuring that your dog does not suffer with this condition. This is easily treated by the use of a simple nasal spray.

The viral infection, know as Rabies, has all but disappeared in the united states by the intensive control program of vaccination carefully policed in all states. This deadly disease is contagious both in animals and humans and it attacks the body’s central nervous system with frightening speed.

For dogs with responsible owners, that assure regular vaccinations take place, their lives will be long and very healthy.


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