5 Most Effective Natural Dog Flea Treatments

Fleas can be very nasty and irritating. If they’re not treated immediately they can cause irritation and severe itchiness. Before things get out of hand, you should use a natural dog flea treatment to prevent them from growing and hurting your dog.

Natural dog flea treatment is very common nowadays as more pet owners prefer using natural products in taking care of their dogs.

However, you still need to make sure that you know the proper procedures and dosages if you need to treat your dog’s fleas.

Your dog can be very sensitive and it is highly advisable that you check on your pet doctor what to get if you decide to give your dog an oral medication.

Common natural dog flea treatments

Use a flea comb

A good dog flea treatment you can do is to use a flea comb. This kind of comb has a very fine gap that is almost impossible for flea to go through it, including their eggs.

Make sure you mix a special soap with water and start combing the fur of your dog. This kind of dog flea treatment will not kill the fleas but will surely help reduce them.

Home bath for your dog

Dog flea treatment starts with clean and healthy skin. Practice regular bathing of your dog, soap them well and make sure you clean every part of the dog, kneading your hand properly on their furs as well as massaging them lightly.

Flea spray

Flea sprays are another common dog flea treatment. It contains a special solution that you can spray on your dog’s hair to kill the fleas that are in there as well as eliminating recurrence.

Flea shampoos

Flea shampoos are specially made shampoo for dogs that concentrates mainly on dog flea treatment. Some doctors do not advise daily use of this; instead, get an ordinary shampoo for dogs[dog shampoo] and use it regularly. If you notice some improvement, you can keep using the flea shampoo.

Oral medications

There are organic oral medications which you can use as an effective dog flea treatment. You can consult your vet about it before treating your dog with them.

Remember, regular and aggressive use of these treatments does not guarantee the absence of flea in your dogs. If you notice, there are some that are hardly affected and those others that are regularly treated with dog flea treatment. The general condition of your pet dog such as good health, clean and healthy skin can prevent fleas from affecting your pet.

The main cause of these fleas always begins when your pet has poor health and condition. Start with boosting their immune system by checking their internal health. Visit your vet regularly and find out what you need to do to improve your dog’s health.

Dog flea treatment is something you, as a responsible dog owner, must be aware of. Fleas can cause minor health damage in the beginning, but later on they can worsen and even cause death.


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