What Are the 10 Most Common Dog Diseases

Infectious diseases in dogs can be classified various types – bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral.

Here are the 10 most common dog diseases that cause suffering and death among the canine breeds across the world.

 10 Most Common Dog Diseases

1. Giardiasis

This is a disease caused by the water-borne parasite namely Giardia. It is characterized by acute diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain and weight loss. Drinking contaminated water from open sources such as lakes, ponds and pools is the cause for the disease. To prevent this infection, heartworm pills are to be given once every month which also protects against other intestinal parasites.

2. Distemper

This is a contagious viral infection occurring in dogs. It affects the respiratory and nervous systems causing fever, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting and finally seizures. If not treated immediately, the dog could die of the disease. Vaccinating against distemper is the best cure for this dreaded disease.

3. Parvo

The parvovirus is the most contagious of all dog diseases. It affects the bowels causing diarrhea and vomiting and eventually death. It is more fatal to puppies and is transmitted through feces. Vaccination against parvo is the best way to keep your dog away from it.

4. Corona virus

This is another dreaded virus of the digestive system that causes diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and extreme thirst. Vaccinating against corona virus is a solution that all vets recommend.

5. Hepatitis

As with humans, this disease affects the dog’s liver. The symptoms include fever, diarrhea and vomiting along with abdominal pain. It also leads to kidney damage. Do not forget to vaccinate your dog against hepatitis.

6. Lyme disease

This is a bacterial disease that causes arthritis, limping, pain in the limbs and loss of appetite. If untreated it affects the heart and other vital organs of the body and leads to death. Vaccines are now available for preventing Lyme’s disease.

7. Rabies

The most dreaded among all dog diseases is rabies. It is caused by a virus and transmitted by bite of another rabid animal. Vaccination is available and mandatory for all dogs by US law.

8. Leptospirosis

This is another disease transmitted by wild animals and cause by bacteria called Leptospira. It can be transmitted by coming in contact with the animal or even by drinking infected water. Symptoms include jaundice, bloodied feces and high fever. Vaccination is the only solution for this disease.

9. Kennel cough

Similar to the whooping cough in humans, this disease is caused by the bacterium Bordetella. It includes sudden sever bouts of loud coughs, nasal discharge and watering eyes. Vaccinating your dog against this disease is a good idea.


This is a respiratory infection that leads to flu-like symptoms with cough. It is contagious and one of the most widely found viral infections among the 10 most common dog diseases. It can be prevented through vaccination.


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