How Do You Know You Are Choosing the Healthy Dog Food for Your Pet?

For sure you are concerned regarding your healthy nutrition, and so you might also be concerned about healthy dog food too. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of the commercial dog foods? You may have seen that they are filled with preservatives and that can never be good.

What should the dog food that is healthy contain?

According to the experts, the healthy dog food should be made of one part meat and one part vegetables. Still there should be no wheat, grain or other kinds of fillers.

Healthy Dog FoodProteins

The meal should be made of precooked meat. This is so because you don’t want the protein level of the meal to reduce during the cooking process. In case you are looking for protein sources, consider chicken meal, venison meal and lamb meal.

Food to avoid

When we are considering dog food that is healthy we should also think about the list of no-nos. The food should not have by-products, such as chicken beats, intestines, feet, bones, head, pig hooves, nails, or other parts of the animals that aren’t suitable for human consumption.

In case you are buying canned food make sure that there are no flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives of any kind.

What to do for healthy dog food?

If you would like your dog to have energy, a really good source for it is to add grains to the nutrition of the pet. Nonetheless this can also be used as filler for the food. This is why you should always offer your dog whole grains because they are richer in vitamins, fiber and minerals. The best grains for dog food that is healthy, that you should be looking for include rolled oats, quinoa, barley, millet and also brown rice.

In case you are looking at the label of the food that is supposed to be healthy dog food you will see that first the manufacturer lists the meat ingredients and other healthy ingredients, followed by fillers and by-products. Although the meats have been listed first, most probably there are more fillers than actual meat.

Dogs can also become vegetarians through dog food that is healthy even though they are also omnivorous, just like humans. If you offer them a good nutrition, they can have a vegetarian lifestyle, but by nature they wouldn’t become vegetarians because they need the animal proteins.

Although we have mentioned that the preservatives don’t make dog food that is healthy, sometimes they are needed to make the food edible. Keep an eye out for BHA, Ethoxyquin and BHT. There are some natural preservatives for the animal food, like vitamin A and vitamin C.

Money shouldn’t be the biggest concern when it comes to healthy dog food. Don’t go for the economy products but for the premium ones. In case the ingredients are cheap, most likely they aren’t healthy.

If you want to make sure that you get healthy dog food, consider the holistic products. These are natural and in the same time nutritious.


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