Be Careful Giving Dogs “Human” Food

dog food1In most cases, there is no harm in giving your dog a few scraps or leftovers as long as it doesn’t lead to a habit of begging at the table.

One good rule of thumb is that if food is bad just throw it in the trash rather than feeding it to your pet. [Pet Food]

Caffeine should not be given to your dog as it is a stimulant and many animals cannot cope with it.

Pouring leftover tea or coffee into a dog’s bowl is a bad habit and should be stopped.

As well as the caffeine contained in these drinks and extra sugar is also bad for your pooch.

A bone may seem like a treat but for example, chicken bones need to be given with caution. They are very prone to splitting and can cause a hound to choke or it could even get lodged in its throat.

Good alternatives to bones are available in supermarkets and these often contain added proteins and vitamins for your dog.

Vegetables like onions and garlic in their raw form should not be put in the dog’s bowl.

These contain a substance called thiosulphate that can damage the red blood cells in domesticated animals and can often cause anemia.

Other foods to avoid include bread, milk and chocolate. Always ensure there is fresh water available and if you are keen to give your dog a treat check out what is available at your local veterinary clinic.

It is probably best to agree from the very start that your faithful companion only eats actual dog food and therefore there will never be a problem from his diet.


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