What You Should Know About Bathing The Dog?

dog bathAll dogs need a bath now and then and the frequency depends on a lot of factors: the breed [dog breed] , the age, the health, the fur length, the time spent outside, the level and the type of activity it prefers, how dirty it is etc…a clean fur is very important for the health and wellbeing of our canine friend.

The dog’s bath is moreover a challenge for many dogs being a very unpleasant moment and for owners something very difficult. Still with a lot of patience and affection all dogs can be accustomed to accept the bath.

The dog must be used to bathing from an early age because this way they will accept it easily but still it is not recommended to wash a puppy before it reaches the age of 2 months.

Of course the topic of dog bathing is quite controversial and before you start on it is better to consult a veterinary in order to reach the right bath frequency according to the race and all the other factors above mentioned.

Too frequent baths can cause the skin to dry and can lead to different health problems like allergy and eczema. The skin and the fur of the dog have different structures and necessities than the humans and excessive bathing may diminish their protective qualities.


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