What Is The Proper Amount Of Exercise For My Dog?

exerciseMany people get conflicting reports as to what is the proper amount of exercise for their dog’s needs.

The proper amount of exercise does vary from dog to dog and breed to breed.

For example, a Labrador needs more exercise than a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier). This however has nothing to do with the size of the dog but more so with the needs of the breed and the specific things the breed was bred to do.

The Labrador was bred to do exactly what its name says – retrieve. The Yorkie has over the years become a lap-dog and even more recently a ‘purse-dog’ and needs very little exercise.

Labradors need constant walks, runs and even chasing and retrieving a ball.

Other breeds such as German Shepherds, Collies and Australian Cattle Dogs also need a lot of exercise even multiple times a day.

Despite contrary and popular belief the Greyhound does not need a lot of exercise.

Many people adopt Greyhounds through adopt-a-greyhound programs after they’re retired from dog racing and it is especially at these times the Greyhounds are best suited to be couch potato dogs.

Another example of a ‘large breed’ lap dog that needs very little exercise is the Great Dane. Great Danes could be taken for a walk once a week and be quite fine being your lap dog the rest of the time.


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