Tips To Consider While Choosing Female Dog Names

Thinking and coming up with names[pet names] for your new dog is always fun! If it’s a family pet, it’s a great way to get the whole family together to brainstorm and think of names.

Both male and female dog names that you choose should be something the whole family is comfortable with, because you will all be using this name over a dozen times a day as you address your dog.

It is always a challenge coming up with a name for your dog, especially since you have to win the approval of the whole family.

If you are confused on how to start choosing female dog names, here are some tips you may want to consider:

1. Stick to names that your pet can easily recognize. Dogs don’t respond well to names that are more than 2 syllables long, so your bet in choosing female dog names is to keep it short and simple.

2. Refrain from using names that rhyme with common commands you will use, such as “Sit”, “No”, “Stand”, “Stay”, and others. This will only confuse them and pose as a problem when you are training them.

3. Some pet owners like to observe their new female puppy before deciding on a name. You never know if your pet has a unique trait that shows up in the way they show affection, call for attention, or mannerisms, that you may actually name it for.

4. Look for unique physical characteristics, or simple things about their appearance to help you come up with female dog names. For example, “Blackie”, “Brownie”, or “Spot”.

5. Female dog names are also popularly patterned after famous women in history. Look to you or your family members’ favorite women, whether it would be historical figures or celebrities.

6. Be adventurous when choosing your female dog names. After all, you are not naming a child, and you don’t have to resort to conservative names. Have some fun when choosing because this is your pet, one that brings you joy and companionship, and lots of laughter.

7. Choose female dog names that roll easy on the tongue, and are easy to call out. Some examples are “Curry”, “Sam”, “Zoe”, “Ginger”, “Flo”, and others.

8. Don’t get carried away when coming up with female dog names that may only be suitable to them when they are puppies. Choose names that will grow with them, instead of naming them cutesy names when they are large breeds that grow big in size.

9. If you want to be extra creative when coming up with female dog names, look up popular terms in other languages that signify something good. Or you can also look up popular female dog names in other languages and have something extra unique for your own dog.

Whichever name you decide to use, remember that this is something your pet will always associate with you. Choosing the right names is just the beginning of a fun and fulfilling relationship with your new female pet!


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