Teach Your Dog to Mind Its Mouth

There are surely dogs with really bad temper, but any pet owner will try to train his dog. Here is some advice how to cut down the puppy mouthing, for this is a bad practice. You need to help your puppy learn to curb this mouthy behavior, therefore start training your puppy, while it is very little. Mouthing usually leads to biting, which can be dangerous for you and others.

dog training

The first lesson in this matter is that people have sensitive skin; so he must be gentle with his mouth. Try biting inhibition if your dog is not able to control the force of his mouthing. The bite inhibition is easy to teach during the time your pet spends playing with other dogs.

dog behaviorThere the dog learns that it has to be careful. If you are limiting the contact with other dogs, you are risking your dog to become very aggressive. Play more with your dog and teach it to be sensitive with humans.

Try to avoid waving your hands too close to the dog’s face. Don’t slap the dog face, for it may attack you. Start with sensitive games, in order to teach your dog how to control his mouthing.

The dog’s temper tantrums can be observed when a dog is untrained. They usually happen, when you are not doing what your dog likes.

The best you can do is to be strict enough, to teach your dog about self-control and meantime, tender enough to calm and soothe your puppy.

The specialist recommend various puppy training courses and of course, a lot of attention.


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