Stop The Dog From Destroying The House

Indoor housetraining is one of the most important things you should know, in case you are a pet owner. Don’t hesitate to research more about this topic, for it will give you some tips how to train your dog and prevent the damages in your home. Luckily there are lots of advices on this issue, not to mention, they are even training schools for pet owners.

dog damaging home

The semi training should start when your dog is still little. It is easy, especially when the puppy is in its early age. At first, the indoor housetraining requires some special indoor facilities. Creating a habit is a difficult issue, but with the right facilities, it is easy to teach your dog to follow some rules at home.

Any dog should have two stages of trainings – outdoor and indoor. They should be parallel, for they teach the dog and create some schedule, which the dog will surely follow.

dog bed

The very first thing you should do is selecting the corner for your dog. There your dog will eat and sleep. Always serve the food there and equip it with dog bed.

This way your puppy will know it’s its own place. The next good thing you should do to maintain the right dog habits is creating an area for playing. Cover a large area with 3-4 square feet of training pads. Start to maintain the habit by taking your puppy there after each meal and drink.

feeding dogsAfter a nap it’s the perfect time to train your dog. Try to exercise your dog after its regular nap, for the dogs are more energetic after sleep.

Don’t underestimate the verbal commands, for they are also good way to teach your dog what is bad and good. When your puppy eliminates in its area, you should praise it enthusiastically.

Always correct your dog with firm voice and encourage your dog to follow its daily schedule. In case the training process takes longer than expected, be patient.

According to some researches, any dog can be well-trained, but the period of the indoor housetraining takes longer than outdoor one. It is explainable, because introducing a habit to an already grown dog will be difficult.

One of the most important things is to train your dog without giving up. Be strict and the result will surely be pleasant. Research more about the right tools for your dog.

One of the best for indoor housetraining is the Drs. Foster & Smith Piddle Pads. This is a proven good tool, for it contains odors attractive for your dog.


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