Practice Yoga With Your Best Friend And We Don’t Mean Your Best Girlfriend!

yogaDid you know that the latest trend in yoga is to practice it with your best friend and canine companion?

And when we say practice we mean ‘practice’ lightly. Maybe you have seen the commercial on TV that is for a product entirely unrelated yet there is footage of a woman practicing her yoga and her dog is with her the entire time!

While we haven’t had much luck locating yoga studios that will allow or encourage you to bring your best furry friend to a class with you, millions of women (and men) across the country are incorporating their pooch into their exercise at home morning yoga routines.

Not only does your dog get to spend more time with you and you with him but he also will serve as a partner and motivator to your yoga practice.

If you think about it, where did the terms ‘downward facing dog’ and ‘upward facing dog’ come from? Your dog! Each morning when your dog wakes up, observe what he or she does. I guarantee you the first thing they will do is both downward facing dog and upward facing dog.


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