Is Your Canine Companion Getting The Stimulation He Needs?

dog walkMost people think just because they have a fenced-in backyard and two dogs that the dogs are getting all the exercise and stimulation that they need. This is not the case.

Dogs need to be walked and do you know why? It is a proven fact (Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer) that dogs still have the instincts of their ancestors the wolves and they still have the instinct to migrate all day (walk) until they find food at which time they eat and then sleep until the next day when they begin the migration process all over again.[dog food]

Oftentimes misbehavior in dogs can be attributed to the lack of stimulation. Try walking your dog 30 minutes every morning before work and you will see a huge difference in his behavior. Chewing, jumping and biting are all signs of under-stimulation in dogs.

Putting your dog in the backyard to fend for himself does not come close to the attention and stimulation he needs.

Dogs with separation anxiety are oftentimes treated this way; by their owners walking them every morning for 30 minutes. The anxiety is also referred to as ‘nervous energy’ and the walk rids them of that.


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