How To Make My Dog Like Children?

Pets and children– this sounds like a perfect combination for any home, but most of the pet owners know that dogs aren’t very fond of the little ones.

This is because children have unpredictable behavior, small size and often tease the dog. There are many experts’ advices how to deal with this issue, but most important of all is to choose the right dog at the right time.

pets and childrenChildren under six years of age aren’t dog`s best friends and we know it. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose aggressive dogs that are considered as guard dogs. Large dogs are bad choice, in case you have little children.

They have high- energy and even their barking can stress the children, not to mention there is always the risk of biting. In case you do think puppies are good choice in this situation, you are wrong. Puppies are just like babies, they require time, care and attention, just your little children do, so this is also difficult to maintain, especially if you are working.

Many vets are explaining that in cases like this, the most important thing is to develop the relationship between children and dogs. It is an intense relation, because dogs are unique and have a different relation with each member of your family.

Setting a personal example will be also good, for it will teach your children and your pets to respect each other.

Of course pets bring happiness and there is nothing better than to see the smile of your child, when it is playing with the dog, but this will take time. The specialists are explaining that most of the accidents between children and dogs are based on one factor – fear.

Your pet surely feels the fear of the children, which makes the situation even worse. Moreover, the dog considers any child a subordinate; therefore it is difficult to respond to a child’s command.

If you already have a pet in your home, simply spend time with the pet. It will build a relationship with your child and love will be mutual.

Actually this relationship can be very useful and educational for your child, because exactly the dog can teach your little one the empathy and compassion.

As a parent and a pet owner, the responsibility is yours, so you should be involved in their relation. For instance, you can simply go for games that include your dog and your child. This will teach them to accept and like each other.


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