How To Care For Welsh Corgi?

welsh corgiWelsh corgis are part of the royal family in the dog family.

Therefore their grooming and care should be up to that standard. If you won’t manage, then you might as well admire it from afar. [Dog grooming]

These dogs are very intelligent and obedient. It is also very protective of their properties.

This makes them qualify for the perfect guard dog despite their small size.

You should stay up to date with all the vaccinations of your corgi. Do not keep postponing a visit to the veterinary. The time span between subsequent shots is important.

Remember how the doctor always emphasized that you bring your baby for the next shot precisely 2 months from the last visit. Do likewise with the Welsh corgi.

The dog needs to be brushed regularly, as often as you brush your own hair. This helps maintain a clean and flea free coat. Hence, it reduces the chance of certain infections that may infest your dog because of pests and ticks.

It helps you to be on top of its health situation. You won’t have to bath your dog as often, just when it is necessary. Not too much and not too little.

They love meat. If you give them anything that is not meat or at least contains less of meat they will not eat. Hence their health begins to deteriorate. [Dog Health Care]

Whatever you give the corgi should have the right balance of fats, protein and vitamins. I know you will be tempted to sneak in some snacks and give him treats here and there.

He is obedient and easy to live with but refrain from doing so too often. Corgis tend to gain weight easily. The next thing you will be looking at a large and round fur ball, be warned.

It’s more of an indoor dog than an outdoor one. It will be equally active indoors as when it is out. So even if you do not own a yard you can still own a corgi.

They require regular exercise since they are so active. But you should avoid doing the same tricks and exercises over and over again because it gets bored easily.

You need to clean corgi’s teeth on a regular basis. You are not the one that cleans his teeth though, the veterinary or any corgi specialist does all the work.

You can brush them if you like but not in place of the professionals. Take it for teeth brushing every 6 months. Such is the royal life our welsh corgi lads.


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