How Much Is Too Much In Dog Exercising?

Any pet owner knows that he should provide some exercise to his dog. There is some confusion about the exercises, when it comes to the right amount of exercise. Therefore, here are few steps to determine how much exercise your dog needs. At first, not all the dogs need the same amount and type of exercise. Typically it depends on the dog and its wishes.

There are dogs that don’t like to practice running and only a daily walk is necessary for them, others requires some extra exercises such as special games like Frisbee catching.

dog exercise

According to the vets, only a daily walk isn’t enough for your pet. The special exercises are extremely useful and healthy for your pet, they are also those that build and keep the muscle structure of your dog.

Therefore, consult with your vet about the type and the amount of exercises your dog should take each day. Typically the exercise doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the dog. They are all about habits and energy.

dog exerciseOf course dogs react different to the exercises. Jack Russell Terriers and Shelties start misbehaving when they are exercising too much. Others like poodles begin to lie down and feel tired and sleepy.

The little dogs require more exercises than the larger dogs and mostly – they need frequently exercises and games.

The owners of small dogs should provide a proper area to their dogs, where they can play and exercise. Backyards are the right place for this matter, but think that your dog will play 3 times a day, in case it is a little dog.

Toys are also good for keeping your pet’s tonus, especially if it is a little dog. Try to include the special dog toys in its exercise or play. Toys are considered as companions to your dog. Anyhow, despite this exercise, don’t miss the walk with your dog. It is also very important for the health of your pet.

When it comes to mid-size breeds, the things are a little more different. They usually need some special sorts of exercises, especially for the dogs that are natural hunters like beagles, hounds, Alaskan sled dogs, etc.

dog exercise


The vets are advising that these dogs require at least 1 hour of exercise per day. They also need some open space, where to run, play and chase. Overall, they also need 30 minutes to 1 hour walk per day.


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