Helpful Tips For Taking Care Of Akita Dog

akita dogAkita Inu is a heart dog breed that requires low maintenance and even it is thought that having Akita is a sign of good health and prosperity.

Akita Inu is the perfect family dog, especially if you have young children in your house.

This particular breed is famous for its fearlessness, loyalty, devotion and intelligence. Below are some tips for taking care and to train your Akita Inu.

  1. Always keep Akita’s weight down. This cannot become a challenging task for you because Akita eats less when compared with other dog breeds.
  2. Be very careful while introducing a new baby to Akita. If you already have children before you own an Akita, it will accept them as a part of the family. But if Akita arrives first before your children, it needs certain time to adjust with the new baby.
  3. Take care of Akita diet because they need natural dog food and ultra premium diet. You should provide them an essential digestive enzyme in each of its meal.
  4. Take all preventive measures to avoid Akita’s health problems. Some of the most common health problems related to this particular dog breed include hypothyroidism, eye and skin disorders, cruciate ligament tears and hip dysplasia.
  5. Don’t bathe Akita frequently. Actually, Akita is a comparatively clean dog and grooms themselves like cats. Remember that Akita is a social dog and needs plenty of time with their owners.


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