First Time Pet Owners Need A Hand

puppyRaising a pet is hard, no doubt about it. But the satisfactions are enormous.

First time dog owner?

The first rule is to love your pet enough to understand that love isn’t everything. You need to raise it so that it won’t become a disaster in your life, but a satisfaction and a friend that you can rely on.

Point out to them when they made a boo-boo, reward them when they behaved. Consult a veterinarian before giving them food.

Baby animals have to have a balanced and healthy diet so you won’t have problems with them later.

Your house needs to be safe, arrange it as if you have it for your child. Be sure that the power outlets are covered, that no wires lay around so that the puppy can chew.

Their gums hurt because of the growing teeth so they feel the need to chew whatever they catch.

Better buy toys according to their age. If you can’t manage training them on your own, then invest in professional training.

Animal Planet released a training book with useful tips for every member of the family. Read it carefully and remember, you’ll learn advice about raising baby dogs but you won’t learn how to love them.

Think twice before buying a pet, think if you have the time to walk them, feed them, if you have somebody willing to take care of them while you are away and so on and so forth.

Source : Terrific Pets


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