How can you Effectively Train Guard Dogs?

A guard dog or a watch dog is trained to protect your life and property. Many people believe that guard dogs are taught to attack but that is not what actually happens. Rather, they are taught to bark and alert their owners to warn them of potential dangers. Training guard dogs is not easy and you need time and patience for the same. And it is really important that your dog not only protects you against any threats but also behaves well in non-threatening situations.

effectively train guard dogs

Here are some useful tips to consider:

Start from a Young Age

The best time to start training your dog is from its young age. 7 – 12 weeks age is the best time to start its training. Whatever you teach your dog at its early age, it retains it more strongly as compared to older dogs that learn at a slower pace.

Short Training Sessions

Young dogs tend to get bored easily and do not have a long attention span. Stop your training sessions as soon as you realise that you dog has lost interest. 30 – 40 minutes of training session is enough as most dogs would start to lose interest after that.

End on a Good Note

Always try and end each of the training sessions at a good note. It is not advisable to stop training just after yelling angrily at your dog as this might have an adverse affect. Try can create a positive situation before ending the session.

Use Single Word Commands

It is really important that you use single word commands like ‘Attack’, ‘Bark’, ‘Stop’ etc. Also make use of these commands consistently so that the words get registered in its mind. Also do not use combined words or negative words like ‘do not sit’, ‘Attack now’ etc. to save your dog from any kind of confusion. Train your dog with a trigger word so that it alerts you when it sees or feels a stranger at the door. Practice this command every day and praise your dog once he does it perfectly.

Use Light Leashes

Lightweight leashes are the best choice when training your dog. The heavier ones can be really distractive.

Treat your Dog

Give your dog a treat or play your dog’s favourite game before and at the end of its training session as this would make him look forward to the same.

Avoid changing trainers for your dogs and decide whether you will hire a professional or go about it yourself.


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