What Does your Dog’s Sleeping Position Indicate?

Dogs simply love sleeping, just like humans and each one of them has its own personal preference as far as the sleeping position and comfort is concerned. While some dogs have no favorite position as such, others may find one position and may stick to it for long periods of time.

But what is interesting to note is that each sleeping position indicates certain personality traits about your dog. The following are some of the common dog sleeping positions and what they signify.

what does your dog’s sleeping position indicate

Lying on Tummy

This is one of the most common sleeping positions in dogs.  It is not only a comfortable one but it also enables the dogs to be quick to attack or pounce if any threat comes near. It is easy for them to get up on their feet from this position.

Sleeping on Side

Most of the dogs that you may have seen must be sleeping on their side since this is the most restful position of sleep. If your dog sleeps like this, then this simply means that it is very comfortable with its surroundings and does not have any fear or threat.  This is a sign of a happy and carefree dog.

The Superman Position

This is definitely one of the cutest positions of sleeping that you will see. In this position, the dog may be seen lying down on his stomach with stretched out legs in the front area whereas the hind legs are kept at the back which is similar to that of frog. This is another position of comfort and means that the dog loves to laze around and be as comfortable as possible.

The Nutshell

Dogs who usually are seen sleeping in a nutshell position are generally the ones which are defensive.  This is a position in which they are curled up like snails and keep themselves close together or protected.  Their paws will be tucked under themselves while the head will be put into the body. Infact even the tail tends to be covering the face. Such dogs are usually overprotected of themselves and wish to hide away from danger or exposure.  This is a sign of a vulnerable dog.

The Flake

This is a rare position among dogs but is one in which the dogs lie on their back and the legs of the dogs are in air.  This is the position of relaxation as well as a sign of a very happy dog.


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