Yorkshire Terrier – Loving And Obedient Dog

If what you are looking for in your dog is a good guardian and a jolly friend, the Yorkshire Terrier might be the perfect choice for you.

Some of the few things you must take care of are little children, if they happen to be around, because “the yorkie” might not be their best friend.

Terriers are generally very social animals, they love the walks (but not that much the rain so you will have to dry them once they get wet). Another thing you should keep your eyes on is the training.

The terrier might gain bad habits like barking too much, biting things or persons or being way too active when you are taking your walks.

The good news is they are quite easy to train. In order to realize a successful training you (or the trainer) will have to know the basics of modern dog psychology and try to teach your terrier to act like a pack dog in order to amplify its social instincts.

Specialized trainers assure that even though terriers might act quite irrationally in the beginning of the training, in a very short time they will become loyal and friendly, potty trained and empathic, a perfect companion.


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