The Best Way To Train A Hunting Dog

beagleA hunting dog is not born ready to hunt. You have to train it all the necessary tricks in the art of hunting if you want the ideal results.

It’s not too much of a task and you might as well enjoy quality time with your dog while you are at it.

Not all dogs however are meant for the hunting game.

So, when you are purchasing a dog specifically for hunting you have to be careful in choosing the right dog  breed.

You can not expect to get a hunting dog out of a Chihuahua. Breeds fit for hunting include, beagles, Labradors and bloodhounds amongst several others.

Hunting dogs need to know how to track. Without this knowledge, they will not be able to do much hunting. You have to know what you want your dog to track down. [Dog Training Tips]

For example if you want him to track rabbits, set a trail for of rabbit blood or train it by placing  rabbit blood next to the kennel so that it knows the scent.

When setting up the trail make sure at the end of the trail you leave some of his favorite dog treat. You will have a dog that will follow any rabbit trail with so much enthusiasm any time. You can do this with any animal blood as long as you are sure that is what you want your dog to track.

Your dog has to get used to the outdoor life including the climate and the general atmosphere. Do not limit him but allow him to run around outside to wherever he wants to go.

Spend time with him outside more often and take him for walks in the wilderness. If you trust your dog will not run away from you then this should be a fun activity. It takes time for a dog to get used to new environment so this is very crucial.

You also need to train while it’s still young. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks, so you have to make sure that you start early. Do all the above when it’s still a puppy and you will have an excellent hunting dog.

A puppy will be easier to train as it is much easier for him to grasp things and they are eager to learn a few tricks here and there.

Puppies also love to play and spend a lot of time with their owners so training them will be like play time with them and you might as well have fun while you are at it. [Puppy Training Tips]

Each time your dog does the right thing; make sure you reward him with treats. As long as he performs better than previously, increase the amount of treats and an occasional pat on the head and rub on the neck will be good to go.

They love affection and their food so make sure you use both to encourage and compliment them.


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