The White Wolf Called Swiss White Shepherd

The Swiss White shepherd is a very temperamental dog without being nervous. It is careful, vigilant and smart, being a trustworthy companion. In unknown circumstances it is a prudent dog with a high tendency of being curious. The Swiss white shepherd looks very much alike the German shepherd, the exception being the color which is always white.

swiss white shepherdAs temper goes, the Swiss white shepherd is sharp and loyal. You will see that it is very protective with its family and very cautious with the strangers without being aggressive.

This breed is lightly calmer than the German shepherd, likes to work during training and it is quite attached to its owner.

Being extremely intelligent and sensitive, this breed is very easy to train, the learning process becoming a source of quality time spent with its master.

Extremely obedient, this breed can also be shy. This is why it is better to encourage the puppy to socialize from the first months of life.

The interaction should be done both with humans and with other animals, so that its character develops gradually. Focus on the positive notes.

Normally this breed gets along perfectly with other breeds and with children. However when cats come into question, better socialize it with them from a very young age.

A very distinctive feature of this breed is its need to “speak”. The Swiss white shepherd will carry on endless conversations with the dogs from the neighborhood which makes it on of the loudest dog breeds.

The Swiss white shepherd can easily fit inside an apartment provided it is offered enough exercise on a daily basis. This breed adapts easily to any environment, and adjusts just fine in an apartment or in a yard. In spite of being extremely playful, this dog breed will lay peacefully at your feet while you have dinner in a restaurant.

As exercise goes, the white wolf needs the same amount of exercise as any other dog. So far company goes, you must be sure that it is not left alone for a long time because it tends to get restless.

In order to keep its beautiful coat clean and shiny a daily brush is what it needs. Even though the white coat may seem sensible, the dog tends to clean itself and a daily care routine will take care of the amazing white color. The breed enjoys a sturdy health and it is not very picky as long as food is concerned.

One on top of the other, the white wolf is a great addition to any family.


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