So You Want To Get A Watchdog?

watchdogThere are over 400 breeds of dogs in the world today.

Of these more than 400 breeds of dogs and all the  mixes that have come from years of accidental litters there are literally hundreds of thousands of mixtures of dogs that can be considered for your watchdog purposes. [Dog breeds]

So you ask yourself if I want a watchdog what breed or mix breed will be the best for our watchdog needs?

First of all it is important to keep in mind that since humans domesticated the dog it is still our responsibility to show them the love and affection we have instilled in them.

Just because you adopt a dog for its watchdog qualities doesn’t mean it should or can sit out on the end of a chain for years without any human contact or love or affection.

The purposes of having a watchdog should still be a part of the family and stay inside the house. With this setup the dog will still be an excellent source of security and will have even more intense feelings of loyalty to protect the people in his or her home as he will be a part of it.


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