Our Obsession With Breed Will Endanger Our Pets

Man is so obsessed with playing God that he doesn’t think twice before meddling with God’s creations.

He has been breeding and cross breeding animals to suit his fancy and taste.

Selective breeding is focused on anatomical features and does not take into consideration the health and welfare of the animals.

His obsession with pedigree is now affecting the welfare of man’s best friend.

Selective breeding is leading to exaggerated anatomical features which are proving to be health hazards for our furry friends. Some examples would be breeds which now have such large heads that natural birthing is becoming difficult, faces so flat that breathing is labored and includes heart diseases.

Experts now feel that if adequate steps are not taken to restrict selective breeding by so called dog lovers more and more of our pets will be struggling with bad health and restricted life styles. This genetic mutation is leading to concentration of inherited diseases playing havoc with these canine lives.

Efforts are on by the UK Kennel Club to create awareness about the suffering of pedigree dogs. It is necessary to change breeding habits to relieve misery. They feel that the society has a “moral obligation” to work towards alleviating the misery of these friendly paws.


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