George The Great Dane – A Name Worthy For The King Of Dog Records

Meet George, a 4 year-old dog, a perfect example of the Great Dane breed.

georgeGeorge is an unusual dog, simply because in the whole world there is no other dog, which could be taller than him.

George 01Officially this dog is the tallest dog on the earth, according to Guinness World Records. George has won this prize category with his amazing size of 43 inches from paw to shoulder, as well as seven feet and three inches from head to tail.

george 04George is a heavy buddy. His weight is amazingly 245 pounds. His owner David Nasser claimed, that despite his huge body George thinks he is a lapdog.

george 03Perhaps playing with George isn’t that easy, just because the dog often wants to sit on people’s laps.

george 05This turns to be a heavy initiative for his owner; hence George is as tall as a human. George is also a winner in the Guinness category for Tallest Dog Ever.

george feet

george 02


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