Dog Breeds Good with Children That You Can Really Depend On

Usually it is the kids that would like to have dogs, and so the parents may be looking for dog breeds good with children. It is a big mistake to choose a dog based on the fact that it is cute and it has the right size. New owners should consider the breed of the dog and also his temperament before letting it in their homes. Keep in mind, that just as in case of humans, every dog has a different personality regardless whether it is a dog breed that is great with kids or not.


They are very playful and this is why families like this dog breed that is great with children. In case the parents teach both the children and the dog how to interact, they can become good friends. Nonetheless the breed might not be the most suitable for families with small children because they cannot understand how delicate the dog is.

Dog Breeds Good With ChildrenDogue de Bordeaux

This is a dog breed that is great with children for two main reasons. One of them is that they love being around humans and the second is that they have a lot of patience.

They can take the tail pulling and other annoying actions of the kids. They go along with the children’s play, and they even accept to play dress-up.

English Setter

This kind of setter is also one of the dog breeds good with children. They love playing with the kids and they are really trustworthy. Just as the dogues, they are patient and they tolerate the annoying behavior. Nonetheless you shouldn’t let the dog and child unsupervised, because the dog could get dominant.


The keeshond dog breed is great with children because for many years they have been used as guard dogs and they take care of the family members, including children without any special training for this purpose.


Newfoundland is also one of the dog breeds good with children and since they are gentle, they might be the perfect companion for the little one. They are friendly and due to this and to their size they don’t mind the poking of little children. You can be sure that they won’t snap or hurl at the little one.

This is a wonderful dog breed that is great with kids because in case he gets annoyed he will simply move over, but he will still keep his eyes on the child. In case he sees any danger, he will nudge the child to safety.


In case you are looking for special dog breeds good with children, then you must consider pugs. Usually children love to play with them and they consider kids their siblings, so they are patient while the little one is doing his or her home works. They love to play with kids, but they don’t like to be disturbed when eating or sleeping.

There are many dog breeds good with children and you should gather a lot of information about them before getting one.


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