10 Funny Greyhound Habits

greyhoundGreyhound owners and adoption groups generally consider greyhounds to be wonderful pets.

They are pack-oriented dogs, which mean that they will quickly adopt humans into their pack as alpha.

They can get along well with children, dogs and other family pets. Rescued racing greyhounds occasionally develop separation anxiety when re-housed or when their new owners have to leave them alone for a period of time.

If you have ever owned a greyhound, you may recognize a few of the following habits.

  1. She sleeps (which accounts for about 22 hours of each day) with both her mouth and eyes slightly open – quite an alarming sight. You find it quite endearing.
  2. When she’s in her bed, she rolls onto her back (quite a balancing act for a greyhound, with such a bony spine) and contorts her body into a bizarre yogic twist with all four legs pointing to the heavens.

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