4 Reasons For Running Attitude In Dogs

Does your pet dog always like to runaway from home? Even though there are many reasons for running attitude in dogs, actually there are two strong reasons for running behavior in dogs.

One is they are in search of better place than your home and the other is they want to escape from real danger.

Apart from these, there are few other reasons for running behavior in dogs. Some of the most common are given here.

  1. Boredom: Did you ever think of the reason behind climbing over or digging attitude in dogs? This kind of behavior in dogs is often because your dog is getting bored to sit idle in your house.
  2. Prey drive: This is one strong magnetic force that draws or forces your dog to run away from home. Seeking for prey is one of the most powerful natural tendencies present in a dog.
  3. Sexual urges: It is quite obvious in dogs that when an intact male dog detects the smell of estrogen on the wind, sexual urges will be generated in the brain of dog and they try to runaway from home.
  4. Fear of owner: Even though it is very rare, this can be one of the reasons for run away attitude in dogs.

Notice such kind of behavior in your dog and try to show love and affection towards your dog.


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