4 Good Reasons To Own A Dog

Owning a dog is one of the greatest pleasures a human being can experience.

Besides being adorable and offering creature comfort, there are many other reasons for owning a dog, including:

1. Dogs teach you responsibility

It is not possible to own a dog without being responsible. You have to learn to pay attention to their body language and they will tell when they need to get out, drink water or eat food.

2. Dogs make you feel secure and safe

Everyone could do with a bit of extra protection, but a good security system could land up costing plenty of dollars a month.

A dog, on the other hand, can alert the police before an alarm rings. Larger dogs like Dobermans or German Shepherds are especially effective in protecting your house from burglars.

3. Dogs will make you get exercise

Dogs usually need a walk a couple of times every day. It would be irresponsible to simply open the door and let them out, and joining them will provide you with exercise too.

4. Dogs have big hearts

The emotions dogs exhibit is not reflected by any other animal or person. No matter whether you yell at them or ignore them, dogs tend to be eternally loyal and never forget you.


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