You and Your Cat – Who Rules?

You, the pet owner might have stumbled upon a really interesting saying ‘Dogs have masters, cats have staff’.

Although this might seem funny at the beginning, there are numerous pet owners out there who will find the saying true, and they might also realize that their life has been overtaken by their cat.

Cats BehaviourWhile in case of the dogs it isn’t that difficult to show who the boss is, with cats the situation is totally different. The majority of the felines are really independent, and so you can’t really be their boss.

If you would like to keep harmony in your home then you might want to consider treating the cat as an equal.

The relationship that you have with your cat should be based on mutual respect and there are some boundaries that none of you should cross.

Naturally there are some situations when you will have to cross this thin line for the sake of the cat.

Such situations might include a bath, clipping the nails and taking away those items that might be potentially harmful for the cat in case it is playing with them.

If you have to do something that most probably the cat won’t like, then you might want to do it tactfully and with a sensitive approach. Otherwise you will have to get some supplies of band aid from your medicine cabinet.

Although you shouldn’t force the cat, in case you feel like you pet has taken over your life, for example by always asking for treats and waking you up in the middle of the night just to play with it, then there might be some need to get rid of these habits.

There are numerous ways through which you can change the habits of the cat, but you should never get aggressive with the pet.


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