The Mysterious Chat Behind The Cat Purring

cat purringThe cats use an entire communication arsenal, each of the methods used being their ineffable way of communicating with the human race.

These methods contain over 16 types of sounds and body movements identified over the years as meaning the same thing at all the cat breeds.

Of all these, the most spectacular and discussed remains the cat purring.

Produced by the rapid transition of the air through the vocal cords of the cat when the mouth is closed, the purring can mean so many things all related to how the cat feels when producing the sound.

Usually the cat purrs because of the pleasure, comfort and security it feels. That is why a cat purring in a person’s arms may induce the feeling of peaceful comfort to that person.

Cats start to purr from the age of a week when there are suckling from their mothers, because the mother also purrs to make them feel comfortable. Cats purr while feeding the kittens to induce the little ones a sense of wellness and security and bonding through the maternal link.

Still, a cat can purr while it hurts and this is explained by the fact that it knows the soothing quality and effect of the purring works also on itself.

A cat glad to meet its owner will purr while it is rubbing its head, body and tale of the owner’s legs. This purring actually means: “I own you” and tells the other cats to stay away.


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