Should Cats Be Put On Leashes Outside?

Many animal organizations might not agree with the authorities of Barre, VT since the City Council pulls out new rules for the cat owners.

Surprisingly for many, the rule says your cat needs to be on leash, when it’s outdoors. There are many reasons why the local authorities decided so, but one of the main reasons is to keep the pet safe.

Banning cats from roaming unleashed perhaps is too strict, said many animal organizations that are claiming this is unnatural for the cat breed.

Cats shall be free and they should remain faithful to their nature is the point of the experts. Yet, others don’t agree with this point and put another argument, perhaps the strongest one.

When the police are chasing a missing cat or helping a cat stuck on the tree, all expenses go to the local authorities. Saving money by this restriction is the main argument.

Yet, many cat owners aren’t agreeing with this decision and made a sort of protest in front of the City Council. They also protest against the rule that says if the cat is unleashed, the owners will have to pay a penalty.

Moreover, there is even a plan for more tough restriction – taking away the cat. Ironically, many are joking that soon in Barre there will be a jail for cats, but if you think logically the restriction is good for anyone and mostly – it keeps your pet out of danger.


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