Picking The Right Cat And Why Would You Get One!

The adaptability and the independence of the cat makes it a very “practical” companion for the modern houses and families of nowadays.

The cat doesn’t need to be walked; it cleans itself and keeps in shape with no help from us. Many cats are perfectly adapting to an entire life spent inside the owner’s house and they can easily be taught to tolerate and live in the same house with another pet.

picking the right catAll these being said, many people choose their cat based exclusively on its beauty.

A cat sitting on the window sill , a cat playing in the garden , a cat sleeping in an armchair or a cat hunting an imaginary prey are the moments when we realize that owning a cat is quite pleasurable.

The right cat

Picking the right cat depends a lot on the owner’s preferences; the breed, the length of the fur, the color and the pattern are quite responsible for the decision in the matter.

Another important factor is the amount of cash the owner is able to spend. The most expensive cats have pedigrees and long lines of ancestors that can be tracked to the year 1800.

Of course there is always the possibility of adopting a cat for free from people we know of or from the street and usually they are equally cute as much as the pedigree cats are. It is also true that you can get a not very expensive kitty whose mom is an “aristo-cat” and whose dad is a stray.

In case of cats, the size is not very important since in this species there aren’t extremes like Saint Bernards and Chihuahua which we can find in the dog’s world.

Pedigree or…not

The importance of the pedigree in cats is relatively recent. A few decades ago the pedigree cats were very hard to find and Persian and Siamese cats were almost the only breeds available on a worldwide scale. The situation is radically changed and now there are several breeds available for sale.

Breeding cats and getting them into competitions became quite a loved habit and buying a kitty from an awarded breeder will offer you the warranty about its origin.

Stray cats

A stray cat can be this way because it was abandoned by its owner or simply because they were born on the streets. They pretty much get back to the status of “wild”, create colonies and breed consequently. You can always adopt a stray or it can simply adopt you. If this is the case, keep in mind to take the cat to the vet and get it vaccinated, as free pets should always be checked out. It would be important for its health and yours.


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