Basic Things To Know Before Bringing Kitten Home!

kittenDid you bring a small kitten to your home? Then you are the one who is responsible for kitten safety and you should look after all the dangers the kittens face as it grows into cat.

Kitten care is different from kitten safety; care is needed for the well being of the kitten while the kitten safety is needed for the proper existence of the kitten.

So, if you want to introduce kitten to your house, you need to question yourself on some basic requirements in kitten safety.

Questions you need to answer before bringing kitten home:

  • How much time can you spare for the kitten care? If kitten is left alone for long time, it can create stress in the kitten and can kill the kitten. So, what is the time you can spare for kitten?
  • Kittens are small and cannot take care of themselves. They are pretty trivial in taking care of their body and the surroundings they live. You should take care of the kitten and see that the kitten needs and requirements are fulfilled.
  • Do you have young children in your home? If yes, then introducing kitten to your young children is a very bad idea. Sometimes over pampering by the children may kill the kitten. If there are 2-3 children in your home, then pampering and strangling conditions are even worse.
  • Do you have other pets in your home? If the other pet is dog and it has a strong hatred towards cats, then your doggy will literally kill the kitten. So, see that you spend enough time in introducing the kitten to the other household pets.
  • Is your house safe from all dangers? Does your house have any such items that can bring danger to the kitten? Do the items harm the kitten in any case? If yes, remove those items from the house, if you cannot do this, then give up the idea of breeding a kitten.
  • Vaccinations are the most important requirement for the kitten. Does your financial status allow you to get your kitten vaccinated regularly? If no, then you are literally killing your kitten, as vaccinations are very important for healthy being of the kitten.


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