How To Take Care Of Your Kitten After Getting It Home?

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Kitten careKitten care is very necessary for a future healthy cat. If you want a healthy and lovable cat in the future, you should take care from the baby stage.

Proper training and caring of the kitten will get you a calm and lovable cat in the future.

Look for these basic things while bringing kitten to your home:

  • When bringing the kitten home the age should be 10-12 weeks, not parted from its mother before 12 weeks of age. This is the first important kitten care, as the kitten develops a self immunity system while it is with its mother [Factors to consider before buying kitten].
  • Before selecting a kitten, look for some basic qualities in the kitten such as clear and bright eyes without any discharge. Ears should be in pale pink and free of odor and redness. The mouth should smell fresh and gums should be pink color. These are the signs of a healthy kitten.

So, by following certain measures in the kitten selection, you can cut down the unnecessary kitten care regarding the health disorders [Cat health basics].

Kitten care after the kitten is home:

Interaction with kittens: As the kitten is away from its mother, it needs proper care and attention of the owner. Interact with the kittens frequently and never leave kitten alone for long periods.

The more time you spend for your kitten care, the more it gets to you. Animal Health Newsletter published a statement that spending 20 minutes with your kitten can develop a greater bond between the kitten and the owner. So, make out some time and make sure to give your affection and attention to the kitten.

Playtime: As you allot a separate schedule in the kitten care for playing, you will develop the kitten to have socialized behavior. It may be fun for you to play with your kitten but the playtime is important for a healthy development for the kitten.

By having a playtime, the kitten can develop strong muscles and socialized behavior too. Kittens are not aggressive and mingle very easily with strangers. So, by introducing the kitten to new people, you are socializing the kittens to humans and developing a socialized cat.

Kittens must be introduced to children and vice versa, if proper understanding is not developed between them, the kitten may reject the company of children as it grows into a matured cat.

Visit the vet: As soon as the kitten is with you, visit a vet. Never neglect the visit to vet, regular visits to the vet provides the kitten with a healthy start. All kittens should be vaccinated from deadly diseases to avoid the risk of diseases.

Grooming: The most important kitten care is proper grooming, as many tend to neglect the importance of kitten grooming. The grooming is preferred for cats, but to establish proper grooming habits for the cat, kitten grooming is also important. As the kitten gets accustomed to the grooming habits, mature cat grooming is easier.

Diet: Till the kitten is with its mom, it is fed with mother’s milk. Once the kitten is separated from the mother cat, it needs special care and attention.

Many feel that milk is the best food for kittens, but milk other than mother’s milk can develop diarrhea and constipation in kittens.

Pet stores contain special kitten food, dry and canned food. Never feed the kitten with adult cat foods, stick to special kitten foods at least up to 10 months.

Litter box training: Many ignore the litter box training at the kitten stage. But, to make the cat follow proper litter training, kitten litter training is important. Use plastic or enamel litter boxes and fill them with commercial cat litter.

Recognize the litter timings and make the kitten sit on the litter box, follow this technique till the kitten gets used to the litter box. Maintain a hygienic litter box as the kittens never use spoiled litter boxes.

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  1. Lynn Takahashi says:

    How do I deal with hyperactivity in kittens? Our kitten is so hyper, he is tearing up the house and getting into everything. nothing is left unturned. we have been putting the kitten in the pet carrier at night just so we can have some peace and quiet and some control. I need some advice.

  2. rachel says:

    Hiya! You could try bringing your kitten outside for reguler exercise.Let him run round as much as he likes using balls,feathers,string.Establish a routine before bedtime which includes wearing him out.I hope it works!! good luck!!

  3. Hello, It’s a rare find for a nice blog like this. I enjoyed it. Kudos to you. Have a nice day!

  4. Nicole says:

    I went to the docter today and found out that i have allergies from the dust and stuff in my kittens! i found out that i have to give it a bath every week!!! how can i do this wothout him being scared?

  5. Mycah says:

    I am 11 getting my first kitten do you have any tips for me i would like to know some

  6. sofia says:

    hi i need to know. something. Lately my cat has been drowsy. She wont eat her food. the doctor said she was just having moods. i need to know.

  7. Esther says:

    hello i just recently saved a young kitten that i have found… i am a dog lover but i felt so bad for the little kitten… i have no clue how to play with a cat or personal care for a cat… the cat seems to be in stress and i do not how to calm it down to feel more at home… any advice that any one can give to me would be very nice..

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hello! I’m 12, but I’m getting a kitten in two days… She’s 8 weeks old, is that still okay to bring home? This is my first cat, and I’m very… upset. My parents arn’t going to do anything for my cat but buy food, milk, and stuff for the litter box. I have to take care of her, and I’m afraid I might not be able to entertain her enough… And my parents and two brothers are careless.. they could step on her, and I don’t want that. Than, my parents don’t want her climbing on anything, so I can’t keep her next to me on the couch and watch her. Any advise?

  9. Mike says:

    Hi Esther, let the kitten familiarize itself with you and your home. Let it explore by itself but always keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not in danger of getting hurt. Provide it with some toys and food and it should be fine.

  10. Chelsea says:

    Guys i have gotton a kitten a week ago in the market when i went to buy plum we saw this kitty an they told us we could take it. My aunt an grandmom are not fan of cats so we had 2 put it in the fowl cube. Everymorning before i go 2 school i give it milk an in the afternoon i feed it an play with it for a while. This morning my mom was going 2 give it milk an my dog was loose even though the gate was close it end up of biting out Princess (my kitten) ears were you was only seeing the brain an blood well my mom took it 2 d vet an dey stitched her up. but beside that the kitten is less than 6 weeks an older than 2 weeks cause her eyes are open. When u have kittens u have to take good care of it an give it love an the most important thing keep it away from dogs

  11. mia says:


  12. jessica says:

    hi, im 11 years old and i just got my kitten hes very lazy in the morning but at night hes hyper i really want to play with him in the morning because i need to sleep early got any advice?

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