Dealing With Aggressive Behavior In Cats

cat behaviorOur furry little friends are not as cute and friendly as we are led to think. They are the bad days and the good days.

When it’s a bad day, then you see aggressive behavior in your cat.  Cats can be so sensitive; it may be this factor that triggers their ugly side.

Biting & scratching

Aggressive behaviors in cats consist of biting and scratching. Those claws are not there for decoration or just for a show.

They can leave a permanent mark across your cheek when they scratch you. Don’t look at their size and think the pain is just as small.

To defend yourself from these attacks, learn to discourage this behavior when they are still kittens.

It is part of their nature so they grow training themselves to bite and to scratch in attacking and defending themselves.

Discourage some of this behavior at all costs, even when you see him attacking the cushion. It’s not that he is playing but he is training.

Keep your cat’s nails short. Trim them and file them often to discourage scratching. It’s wiser to also start this early because it becomes difficult if you leave it grow. Once it has grown it will not allow you to trim its toe nails.

Arthritis of spine

Aggressive behavior can be caused by arthritis of the spine or the limbs. I would advise you to get medication from a veterinarian. They may prescribe an aspirin or anything that may help ease the pain.

Cats may love your patting and stroking but only for a limited time. Learn your cat and understand when to stop stroking. It may simply attack you because your stroking is no longer soothing but rather irritating.

Sometimes they just want to be left alone all cuddled up by the couch instead of your laps. Stay clear if you don’t want to feel pain.

Cats can also be aggressive amongst each other. If you own more than one cat in the same household then you must get your cat neutered as soon as possible. If you feel less enthusiastic about doing all that then you better pop up the popcorn, there is a cat fight in the house!

When you visit a home and find our furry friend there we are tempted to cuddle and pet it. Let’s not forget that these are shy creatures.

It may be aggressive towards your visitors out of fear. So when you see that it’s reluctant to come and play then let it be.


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