Cats and the Mystery of the Tall Places They Like

How many times did your cat climb on the tallest furniture in the house or on anything tall it could find, to have a better view? No matter how tall is a place and how scary it would be for you to climb, the felines will find the exact way and opportunity to get on top of it.

cat on wall

But what exactly makes them to do that?

cat on treesThe pet specialists state that for the cats, the high place is linked with the notion of social status.

Inside the house the cat is the one “ruling” the turf. The cat up on the tallest place in the house is the leader.

When they are up there, the cats can easily notice every movement around their kingdom and their position gives them a perspective over the area that in the wild would have been considered the hunting ground.

Another reason for which they prefer the tall place is that “up there” it is warmer.

You will notice that if the cat is annoyed or uncomfortable with a person visiting your home, it will find refuge on a high ground.

The tall position will allow it to feel safe and get rid of the anxiety.


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