Feline Asthma and the Right Treatment

Just as humans are prone to asthma attacks so are their feline friends. They need special care and attention as an asthma attack can be a fretful time for both the pet and its owner.

Feline asthma is caused by narrowed and irritated air passages in lungs. Most cats suffering from these will only show mild breathing troubles or irregular coughing. Asthma is suspected only when the cat suffers from a severe breathing crisis.

Feline Asthma Generally bronchodilators are used to help the suffering cats, though they sometimes need injectable steroids to keep things under control. Steroids when used frequently can have bad side effects.

The popular steroid Depo Modrol makes the cats more susceptible to diabetes.

The latest array of inhaler steroids has proven to be safer and easier to use too. They are almost as effective as the injectable or oral steroids but have lesser side effects.

Inhalers usually use either corticosteroids or bronchodilators. The popular choices are Flovent and Ventolin.

Flovent, an inhaler medication used for humans has shown good results with cats. The human inhaler can be adapted for the use of pets with the help of a device called spacer. The vet can easily fit an inhaler with the device. Cats usually take easily to the spacer and weekly use of Flovent keeps them healthy.

When exposed to allergens humans are prone to asthma attacks. Similarly cats react adversely to allergens. The use of Hepa Air Filter at home can help you get rid of allergens, thus minimizing the asthma triggers.

You can also look for asthma treatment in alternative therapies like the homeopathy provided by Dr Bach’s flower therapy and other natural treatments. These can help your feline cat to lead a healthier and symptom-free life.

Natural ingredients like Elecampane (inula helenium) and Marshmalow (Althea officinalis) have been used for respiratory problems since ages and work well for the feline pets too.


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