Your Touch And Its Effects On Your Pet Cat

cat carePets are just like human beings. Aside from their basic needs of food and shelter, they also crave for your love and attention.

So how do you show your affection towards your pet? Is giving it enough food and treats enough? No, it also needs to feel your love through your touch.

Have you noticed how mothers touch their children? Research proved that touch can do wonders especially to newborn babies.

In the same way, your touch can also affect your pet cat. Below are the reasons why you should touch your feline friend:

1. Touch can make it feel loved

Cats loved to be touched. You can run your finger through its fur, rub its back, or massage its tummy to show that you love it. These actions send signals to its brain and make it feel appreciated.

2. Touch can make its body feel relaxed

Cats are also under a lot of stress. Playing the whole day and running after other animals can make it feel tired.

One way to relieve it from stress is by massaging its back and legs. Before you knew it, your cat will be backed to chasing those pesky animals in your yard.

3. Touch can make it grow strong

Touching your cat also has its health benefits. It can make its muscles grow strong and healthy. Moreover, it can make its fur softer and shinier. [Cat health care basics]

If you want to give your cat the love and attention it needs, you must touch it every now and then. Your touch can make it feel loved and well taken care of.


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